Our mission is to empower and inspire all students to be responsible and respectful lifelong learners.


I pledge as a Hazelwood Plott Hound to be:

Respectful of my school, others, and myself,

Responsible for my actions and learning,

Ready to reach my infinite potential.



The story of the Plott Hound parallels that of the Plott family and their neighbors in the Great Smoky Mountains that join North Carolina and Tennessee, in what was Cherokee territory. Sixteen-year-old Johannes Plott emigrated to this area from Germany in 1750 with his brother Enoch, who died on the journey. With them came their Hanoverian-type schweisshunds. The descendants of these hounds were fostered, bred and hunted by seven generations of Plotts and are now the familiar breed we know and love today. Hazelwood Elementary is proud to recognize this fine breed as our mascot. Go Plott Hounds!