What is the PTO and its Purpose?

PTO stands for Parent-Teacher Organization.  It is made up of parents/guardians and teachers.  The primary function of PTO is to help support the school, the teachers, and the students through fund raising and various events.  There are often things that would benefit the school community that there just are not enough funds for and PTO helps to make those things possible.

PTO Officers 2017-18

President                                                      Advisor to President

Jodi Wijewickrama                                       Cynthia Beck


Vice-President                                          Advisor to Vice-President

Beth Reeves                                                   Stanley Branch


Secretary                                                     Advisor to Secretary

Angela Gore                                                   Kimber Warlick


Treasurer                                                    Advisor to Treasurer

Stephanie Strickland                                    Melanie Brown


Box Top Coordinator                             Advisor to Box Top Coordinator

Jennifer Reagan                                            Lauren Bishop


Media Coordinator                                  Advisor to Media Coordinator

Holly Castater                                                Carolina Stebbins


Volunteer Coordinator                       Advisor to Volunteer Coordinator         

Lacey Finney                                                  Madai Stewart


Teacher Representative

Sarah Howell: 4th grade


Annual Hazelwood/PTO Open House


PTO Fundraisers

PTO Provides Krispy Kreme Doughnuts to faulty and staff during this fundraiser.



Kindergarten students and parents get in the spirit of the Plott Trot!




Our students give it their all at the Plott Trot!


Our Other Fundraisers



Ingles Tools for Schools (Register your Ingles Advantage Card)


Papa John’s Pizza

Krispy Kreme

Box Tops for Education