TO: HES Parents
FROM: Nathan T. Trantham
DATE: May 1, 2022
SUBJECT: 22-23 Placement Requests
The process of placing students in classes for a school year is one of the first and most important
steps we will take in setting up our students and staff for a successful school year. During this
process, we must consider a number of complex factors. Our goal is to create a semi-equal
distribution of students by gender, achievement levels, and behavioral concerns. We must also
consider the placement of English language learners, academically gifted students, and students with
special learning needs. Balancing all of these factors in a single grade level can be challenging at
best and impossible at worst. We also consider personality conflicts and students who need to be
separated from their peers. We will do our best to place your child in a class that meets his/her
learning needs while also allowing us to maintain balanced classrooms. While we will accept specific
classroom requests, there is no guarantee all of these can be met. It is crucial that you complete the
following form in its entirety. This will give us the best opportunity to place your child in a learning
environment that meets his/her needs. For us to make sound decisions about student placements, we
must receive your parent requests by June 30th, 2022. Please complete the attached document and
return it to the school office before the end of June.
Nathan T. Trantham
Hazelwood Elementary School

Click this link: Placement Request Letter 22-23 for a PDF to print out the form


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